Hi! I’m Katherine.

I’m a creative technologist aspiring to get involved in fields such as data storytelling/journalism or interactive exhibition/experience design, especially for social good or public humanities.

Hailing from Hong Kong, with roots in Shanghai, I’m currently a third-year Media Arts + Practice student in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where we study and make critical new media. At USC, I’m also minoring in computer programming and linguistics, two fields that inspire and inform my creative work.

I love making imaginative and thoughtful media that engages people, tells stories, and explores ideas in interesting ways. To do this, I’ve worked as a designer and developer on a wide variety of projects. Creatively, I’ve had experience in graphic design, information design, print design, film and animation, 3D, branding, and marketing. Technically, I enjoy working as a front-end web designer/developer in HTML/CSS and JavaScript, as a developer in Python, Java, and C++, as a data scientist and visualiser in R, and a computational artist in Processing.

Aside from those things, I’m also passionate about accessibility, urbanism, environmentalism, internet culture, and science communication.

Current research interests: critical code studies, internet culture and language, interface aesthetics, electronic literature, poetic tech.

Take a look at my résumé (pdf, 80 kb) and my portfolio to explore my work so far!