Some information about me.

Hi, I’m Katherine (she/her)! I make things in the pursuit of poetic tech. I grew up in Hong Kong and was raised in a Shanghainese family, I am a recent graduate from the University of Southern California, where I studied media arts, computer programming, and linguistics. I currently work as a front-end developer and designer at Fathom Information Design, where I help figure out interesting ways to explore ideas and answer questions through data.

My research interests include critical code studies, internet culture and language, interface aesthetics, electronic literature, accessibility, and poetic tech. My works have included codeworks, handmade websites, electronic literature, and information visualisations.

In particular, I like to explore ways in and around text and building blocks or raw materials.

Thanks for visiting -- if anything here is interesting to you, I’d love to talk! You can reach me on the socials or by email at whykatherine at gmail dot com. :)