Hyperlinked Narratives

A Wikipedia-based narrative tool.

Screenshot of page where the user has filled in text fields between text nodes, reading, 'Glipa maruyamai' is a type of 'Beetle' that is used in 'Entomological warfare' the most famous examples of which was 'Operation Big Itch' at 'Dugway Proving Ground' leading to the horrifying 'Dugway sheep incident'.

The Web is a sprawling metropolis of seven-lane roads and undergrounds and small dirt lanes, with “List of Big Brother 17 (American season) houseguests” and “University of Mpumalanga” living six or fewer connections away. Based on Wikiracing and Mad Libs, Hyperlinked Narratives is a Wikipedia-based narrative tool to create stories that traverse the information highways.

Simple page with text and two buttons
Start page
Chain of text with a long list of text buttons
Building a chain by clicking buttons of Wikipedia article titles
Light blue box with black text interspersed with input boxes
Connecting article titles to form a narrative, with random suggestions for connecting words
Input boxes filled in with connecting words
Filled-in narrative
Chain of articles with connecting circles and lines
The revealed chain of articles